About Us

Archaeologists all over the world proved that, thousand years ago, human had used things around them to make jewelry to beautify themselves. The first jewelry of human being was founded and claimed to be esixting about 130,000 years B.C. This is necklace made from claws of eagles of Croachian. The Vietnamesse archaeologists researching the jewelry of ancient Vietnamese is on of the peoples who used jewelry earliest in Asean.

Nowadays, especially from the unification of our nation ( 1975), though the Vietnamesse’s gemstones and jewelry field is new, it has signigicant improvements, and has an important position in our economy.

Basing on those long – last  value, with the passion and enthusiasm of 20 years, Duc Tien Gemstones and Jewelry was founded in 2013 in supplying highclass gemstones and jewelry. We manipulate raw materials, cut, polish, and produce high class accessories by hand. Wishing to bring the elegant but impressive beauty to our customers, Duc Tien Gemstone And Jewelry step by step qualifies ourselves in the market of high end gemstones and jelwery. Our products not only crown the beauty and quality of customers but also are art work carrying enthusiasm, memory made by skillfull hands and bright mind of a professional group.

From March 07th 2018, Duc Tien Gemstone and Jewelry has started to launch our new brand “Vietgems Bazaar” and also opened our gemstone bazaar online. You can visit our website www.vngems.com for convenience shopping and ordering your favorite gemstone and jewelry.

Duc Tien is honor to thanks all the customers who were and are with us during the time. Beside the value of culture, religion, we hope to bring our customers a value of spirit in each of our products as the profoundest thanks.